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About the Eden Flower Company

In February 2019, our journey into the world of floral design began with a single wedding – Jada's. Little did we know that crafting that bouquet would mark the turning point in our lives. What started as a heartfelt gift for a family celebration blossomed into a true passion. Today, with joy in our hearts, we're thrilled to announce that our dream has become a reality – we are now proud florists. Our creations go beyond mere arrangements; they are reflections of love and joy. As we embark on this exciting chapter, we invite you to discover the unique beauty we bring to life. Let's transform your special moments into unforgettable experiences with our personalized touch. Welcome to our floral world!

About Us

We are two sisters and best friends, born and raised in central Texas, and truly in love with all things flowers. We are complete opposites, but continuously bring out the best in each other. Brooke keeps us up with the times and media - thinking modern and classy, but always genuine. Jada brings a more natural approach to things, earthy and grounded is her every day form—we are a wonderfully balanced team. We are seriously passionate about creating, not just floral arrangements, but experiences that are beautiful, and meaningful - that bring authentic joy to people's lives. We are so grateful for this big dream The Lord has put into our hearts. With the creativity He instilled in us, we have been able to bring The Eden Flower Co. to life in His perfect time. We cannot wait to see what is next, and we hope you'll be a part of it!


We thoughtfully chose our name, The Eden Flower Company, because it’s a name we feel encompasses the first Biblical marriage and shows the significance of a flourishing garden, that was surely blossoming with flowers. The Garden of Eden was beyond stunning and filled with the presence of the living God. Our name speaks to this same beauty and joy of truth and love, which is what we want to bring to every occasion in your life. Whether for a wedding, an anniversary, or just to show someone you care, The Eden Flower Co. has something special for everyone!

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